• Baking Powder

    Baking Powder

    Produce the finest bakery goods and evening snacks with our…

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  • Bicarbonate Soda

    Bicarbonate Soda

    Freshly baked bakery items with nutrition and goodness. We offer…

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  • Biscuits


    Glucose biscuits complete with crucial vitamins and minerals. Ideal for…

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  • Black Pepper

    Black Pepper

    Add spice and flavour to any cuisine with black pepper,…

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  • Bouillon Cubes

    Bouillon Cubes

    Vitalize any dish or soup with bouillon cubes, available under…

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  • Brown and White Eggs

    Brown and White Eggs

    Brown and white eggs brought to you straight from the…

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  • Canned Fish

    Canned Fish

    Fresh sardines sourced from the fresh waters of Morocco. Ideal…

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  • Evaporated Filled Milk

    Evaporated Filled Milk

    Stay healthy and fit with COWMILK and JANUS branded evaporated…

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  • Fresh Onion/Potatoes

    Fresh Onion/Potatoes

    Delight your loved ones with vegetables of high nutritional value…

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  • Instant Coffee

    Instant Coffee

    Arabica and Robusta beans combine to deliver an aromatic and…

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  • Luncheon Meat

    Luncheon Meat

    Prepare some delicious sandwiches and salads with chicken and beef…

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  • Margarine


    LIDO branded margarine essential for enriching dishes or as an…

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  • Mayonnaise


    Mayonnaise from The Netherlands, perfect to accompany salads and other…

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  • Milk Powder

    Milk Powder

    We offer a wide range of milk products under a…

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  • Monosodium Glutamate

    Monosodium Glutamate

    99% purified monosodium glutamate to liven up your dishes. Our…

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  • Mustard


    CLEMA and LIDO branded mustard that would enhance your dishes…

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  • Rice


    Range of rice under basmati, samba, parboiled, sortex, and non-sortex…

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  • Salt


    Refined iodized salt for any food item or dish. Healthy…

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  • Sweet Condensed Milk

    Sweet Condensed Milk

    Bring hot beverages and desserts to life with sweet condensed…

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  • Tea


    World renowned Ceylon tea offered to you under the OLINDA…

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  • Tomato Paste

    Tomato Paste

    LIDO branded tomato paste to enrich your dishes, and liven…

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  • Vegetable Oil

    Vegetable Oil

    Health-focused vegetable oil essential for cooking and heating purposes. Our…

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