Certified for Excellence

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort” – John Ruskin

JANUS SERVICES B.V. is symbolized by a lion. The lion signifies the values that we believe in: courage, hard work, honesty, loyalty and trust. For 18 years these values have served us well. In over 18 countries JANUS SERVICES B.V. is a trusted brand. We have a track record of bringing premium quality products to homes and workplaces.

A company’s reputation is based on many factors. Among these, the quality of its products stands high on the list. JANUS SERVICES B.V. aims at providing the best quality FMCG, food and health products to the market. Moreover, our products are in compliance with hygiene laws, ISO certifications, Fairtrade labels and carbon neutral certifications. We believe that a company should affect the environment and society positively and all our actions are geared to this end.

JANUS SERVICES B.V. exercises great care in the selection of its vendors. Supplies are usually sourced from companies holding ISO certifications and trademarks. Some are certified Fairtrade and carbon neutral. A good example is Olinda tea. Grown thousands of feet above sea level in the central hills of Sri lanka, Olinda tea is well known for its freshness and taste. More importantly, Olinda is certified ISO 14001, Fairtrade and carbon neutral. Being a responsible, sustainable business is fundamental to Olinda.

Another of our products that is well known for its quality is the milk product LP. LP is manufactured by TMC Dairy, which is one of the premier dairy companies in Northern Ireland. Having customers on each of the five continents, the LP brand has an excellent reputation in the world powder markets and is always striving to deliver to a standard of sustained quality. TMC Dairy is ISO certified and is renowned for its environmental sustainable ventures in the town of Monaghan in which it is based.

At JANUS SERVICES B.V., we pride ourselves in striving for perfection every day. In 2013, our efforts were recognized at the B.I.D. Century International Quality ERA Convention. We were awarded the Century International Quality ERA Award in the Gold category. This award is given for achievements in quality, leadership, technology and innovation. The Business Initiative Direction Awards are designed to recognize the prestige of outstanding companies. As such, we were proud to be a recipient of this esteemed award while competing with companies from 52 countries.

There is a popular misconception that Africa needs only cheap goods. We do not believe this. Through our commitment to bring distinct and superior products to Africa, JANUS SERVICES B.V. has demonstrated that a quality product is the ultimate winner and this makes us certified for excellence.

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